What Men Ought to Know about their sexual health

What Does a Low Sperm Count Means?

October 8th, 2012

A lot of people often joke around about someone having low sperm count. Then again, what these people are not aware of is that the condition of having a very low sperm count is not laughing matter at all. A low sperm level can mean a lot of things. Again, one’s sperm levels are connected with his overall health, thus the matter ought to be taken seriously and given immediate action.

When is Sperm Count Low?

A low sperm level is the most typical infertility issue for males. Generally speaking, one’s sperm count is measured based on the ratio of sperm that’s ejaculated per milliliter of semen. Normal levels are usually around 40-300 million per semen millileter. Thus, a low sperm level is one that’s below 20 million.

The Causes of Low Sperm Levels

A low sperm count can be brought about by a variety of factors. It could be genetic; it could possibly be caused by environmental elements, etc. The low levels might be brought on due to too much stress, or in most cases, certain nutritional deficiencies that are temporally lowering the man’s levels.

In general, a low sperm count maybe causes by any of these (but are also not limited to these):

  • Smoking
  • Obesity
  • Malnutrition
  • Stress
  • Age
  • Exposure to radiation, heavy metals, too much heat
  • Sexual problems
  • Genetic problems

The Implication of Having a Very Low Sperm Count

What does is mean if a man has a low sperm count? Well, obviously it is an infertility problem. Meaning, the man will be having difficulty conceiving a child because of his low sperm levels. One should never think that a low sperm count means that a person is at a higher risk of acquiring prostate or any form of testicular cancer; this is such a myth. Then again, there are indeed rare cases wherein a low sperm count level could possibly be a sign or symptom of some other ailment or illness. To be on the safe side, men who still have very low levels of sperm, regardless if he has taken a ton of supplements to correct the issue, should immediately seek medical advice to be sure.

A Low Sperm Count Level is Not Forever

A low sperm count is not a permanent disability, take note of that. This infertility problem can easily be corrected with the help of the right supplements and medication. In some cases, a man only even needs to be on the right diet or the right lifestyle to correct the problem.

Azoospermia: The Worst Case Scenario

Having a very low sperm count level is actually way better than having no level of sperm at all. The medical condition wherein a male doesn’t have any measurable sperm level is referred to as azoospermia. Azoospermia is very rare, in fact only about 1% of the total male species have this condition. Technically speaking, azoospermia equates to sterility and to date, there isn’t any tested and proven medical treatment for it that is 100% sure proof.

The Pros and Cons of a Penis Extender

October 5th, 2012

A man’s penis is something that is very valuable to him. If you are a man, you are very particular with the condition of your penis at all times. You take care of it, you make sure that it is well performing and you are very proud of its size particularly if it is of an average size or an above average size. Unfortunately, if your penis is of a below average sized penis, then there may be a chance that you will be bothered by it. As such, you can get so self conscious to the point that you end up getting a penis extender. When this happens, you really should think very hard about it in order to ensure that your extension option is something that will not give you more problems in the end. In order to help you, here are some pros and cons that you should consider.

Pros of a Penis Extender

Longer penis size – a longer penis size is often preferred by most men. You can have an adequately sized penis but you will still prefer a longer penis size just for the sake of having a longer penis. This really just a vanity issue in some men who plan to get a longer penis. A longer penis means that he is manlier. A longer penis size is definitely something that can improve a man’s life. This is the main reason why many men want extenders.

More confidence – a longer penis can make you more confident. This is because men are very particular with the length of their penis. A man with the longest penis can often be treated as the Alpha Male in the group. Alpha males mean more confident and more effective at their work.

Cons of a Penis Extender

Expensive – penis extenders can be expensive particularly if you go with something that is of the highest quality. Every clinic has a special kind of extension technique that they have patented themselves. This is why it is very expensive to have your penis extended from a reputable clinic. Some men who are very conscious about the inadequate length of their penis would often work very hard for years in order to have enough money on hand to afford the required extension procedure. Sometimes, they often end up compromising their desired length because they can no longer afford the length that they actually want.

It affects sexual prowess – some extension techniques can also compromise a man’s sexual prowess. The erection and hardness can be affected by certain surgical procedures. With artificial extensions, there can be some sensitivity issues as well. It all comes down to how badly you want to have your penis extended.

If you really want to make sure that you get the right penis extension, then you should talk with your doctor. They are the best persons to tell you if the procedure that you want done on your penis is something that will not affect the health of your penis in a very negative manner.

Male Enhancement Procedures That are Prohibited in Some Areas of the World

September 25th, 2012

Men all over the world are very obsessed with their manhood. Regardless of the culture that they grew up in, men are very sensitive about their penises. They believe that the size, performance and overall aesthetics are the most important things that define their existence in this world. It does not matter what part of the world they came from and what kind of social standing they belong to, men are very obsessed about their penises. For those who feel that they have an inadequate penis they would often go with male enhancement therapies that are designed to make their penises bigger as well as provide them with a better sexual performance. Unfortunately, there are many male enhancement procedures that are banned in certain parts of the world. Some of the reasons behind the ban are not really scientific in nature. Sometimes the reason for the ban is cultural or political.

Steroids – this is a male enhancement drug that is banned in many parts of the world. The reason behind the ban is the fact that steroids are an illegal substance. Steroids are actually designed to promote muscle growth. However, some people use it exclusively for promoting a bigger penis size as well as better sexual performance through enhanced stamina and endurance. Steroids are banned because not only does it affect a person’s health, it also makes a person prone to “roid rage”. The funny thing about steroids is the fact that instead of enhancing your manhood, it actually deteriorates it. How ironic.

Certain supplements containing ephedrine based substances – there are many supplements made in other parts of the world that are banned in the United States due to certain questionable ingredients. While it is not outright considered an illegal drug, these questionable ingredients often discourage retailers from stocking them. There are also certain supplements that do not follow the standards required by the United States government. As such, they are banned from sale within the country.

Herbal and exotic products – in the Far East like China and South East Asia, there are many people who are very obsessed with male enhancement solutions. This is why there are many herbal remedies that have existed for hundreds of years that continue to be popular up to this present time. Unfortunately these remedies are banned in other parts of the world because of political and environmental reasons. For example, Rhino’s horns are very popular in terms of improving a man’s virility. Unfortunately, Rhinos are an endangered species and the continued use of Rhino’s horns as remedies are frowned upon by many cultures and countries. It is for this reason that these remedies are only use in certain parts of the world.

If you are worried that you might be going with male enhancement products that are banned in your location, then your best option is to talk with a qualified professional like a doctor. This way, you can get a recommendation that can give you the enhancement results that you are looking for without giving you any problems.

Signs of Low Sperm Count

June 26th, 2012

Many couples these days are faced with certain difficulties in the bed room. Fertility problems can always prove frustrating, especially for the guy. If they aren’t looking to conceive a child with their wives, they might be challenged with the fact that they just can’t please them at all. Having low sperm count will never be a problem that’s easy to deal with, one that can place a roadblock in the attempts of a couple to start a family of their own. This is something which can be caused by a number of things, ranging from the wearing of skin tight clothing which may put a bit of extra heat in the man’s testicles. This can then prevent the sperm from producing. Apart from that, it may also be due to the exposure of the testicles to heavy metals like arsenic, lead or mercury.

Truth be told, inhaling pesticides or some other kind of chemical may even be a factor for this. Even having a low count of Zinc in the body can cause this problem in males everywhere. There’s also the matter of a man not being careful with the foods that he eats. Regardless of the reason, any guy out there would want to deal with this problem in the most effective manner, often relying on the aid of sexual enhancers to give them that necessary boost. However, how does one tell if he has low sperm count? Below are some signs to look out for.

  • The inability to conceive a child with his partner – This is the main symptom of a guy who has low sperm count. Within a year after getting married, he isn’t able to make babies with the woman. There are a lot of doctors specializing in fertility concerns who consider one year as a rather reasonable time frame when couples are looking to bear children. Whenever they are unsuccessful, there’s a pretty good chance that the man doesn’t have high enough of a sperm count to impregnate hi s partner. When they are unable to do so after a year, then this just might be the case.
  • A lack of facial hair on the man – Low sperm count can be caused by some problems in the hormone count of a man. One evidence of this is an absence of facial hair. There are some men out there in the world who actually shave their face once every day, while other s don’t even have to do so beyond twice every week. While this may not necessarily mean that a man has low sperm count problems, at often times having hormonal deficiencies can be a cause for concern, especially when there is lack of hair on the face.
  • An absence of apparent muscles on the body – Again, this is an example of a man dealing with hormonal concerns. Someone, whose physique isn’t properly developed, bearing a lack of muscles, can also be a sign that he isn’t someone who’s exactly abundant with semen in the testicles. This is a condition which may caused by some issues within the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the production of hormones. Either that or it’s caused by something called Kinefelter’s Syndrome. However, this is something of a rare occurrence, and for most cases it’s only the man’s inability to conceive a child with their partner that he may have a low sperm count.

These are some of the signs to watch out for when men suspect that they are dealing with low sperm count problems.

Is a Penis Extender Really Necessary?

December 12th, 2011

A man’s penis is something that can really concern him. This is the main reason why a man is very conscious with the way his penis looks as well as the size of his penis. Unfortunately, there are men who are unlucky to have a very small penis or a penis that is below average in size, length as well as aesthetics. This may not be a problem if a man plans to be alone for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, if he plans to have a wife or a sexual partner, a small penis may not be enough to satisfy his preferred sex partner. This is why he would often look for ways in order to extend his penis and make it adequate enough to please their sex partner. But is extending the penis really necessary? Well here are some of the reasons why people end up getting penis extensions.

Vanity – sometimes, you will feel as if your penis length is not enough. This is even if you have already confirmed that your penis is of an above average size. A man can be so obsessed with having the biggest penis size that even if he is already bigger than his peers, he would still not be satisfied with the penis size that he has. As such, he would go for penis extenders in order to achieve their target penis length. If you feel that you are not satisfied with your already adequate penis size, you can go with a penis extender in order to appeal to your vanity.

Sexual prowess – some men also want to perform better sexually. This is because they rate their manhood according to how good they are in bed. If the feel that they are bad in bed, and then they feel that their manhood is diminished. If you feel like this, then you really are affected every time you think your partner is not satisfied with your performance. Since you feel that you tried every kind of move and knowledge, you would automatically think that it may be a problem with your penis size. If this is so, then you will get a penis extension in order to satisfy your partner sexually. Penis extensions can definitely boost quality of sexual performance in just a short period of time.

Ego – sometimes, if you have a small penis, you will feel that you cannot face your peers with confidence. A small penis can definitely undermine your confidence. This is actually the biggest reason why penis extenders are very popular with many men. Men would get a penis extension in order to have more confidence that they can use at work, in sports and in their personal everyday life.

If you are planning to get a penis extension, you really should talk with a doctor first. They are in the best position to tell you if you can get one or not. You have to remember that a penis extension is a big deal and it comes with some risk. If you are not careful, your penis might be affected in a negative way.

Do Male Enhancement Supplements Really Work?

April 10th, 2011

There are many men out there who are often wondering how they can ever get themselves to perform a lot better, sexually speaking. There’s nothing more frustrating for a guy than to know that he can’t please his partner, whether it’s through a certain sexual dysfunction such as the inability to maintain an erection, or a loss of sexual urges. It’s because of such situations that many men would resort to the search for sexual enhancement products. Looking things up in a search engine can lead to a million results, or even worse. There are a lot of websites these days which offer solutions for men to increase the size of their penises, or even help them acquire a renewed sense of vitality when it comes to sex. They may offer exercises; patches, pills or even devices which can help create rock-hard erections and a substantial increase in penis size. However, how can one know for sure that this is something truly effective?

With so many claims being made on a daily basis, it can prove quite confusing for a guy who’s looking for immediate solutions to the matter. Male enhancement can either be one of three things: enlargement of penile size, enhanced sexual performance through the maintenance of erections or even making them a lot harder and stiffer than before. Yet, do they really work? Below are a number of points to consider.

a) Weak erections or penises which become flaccid quite easily may be treated with the use of some erection oils, patches and enhancement pills that combine herbs and other ingredients which are natural. These ingredients can help increase the flow and circulation of blood in the penis as well as boost sexual hormone production within the body. These products prove to be quite helpful in enhancing one’s ability to maintain a rock-hard erection, or even control their ejaculation. Apart from that, they can even help increase production of semen in guys.

b) Yet, if there’s something to be concerned about, these products aren’t all that effective in getting job done by themselves. As a matter of fact, when one thinks about it long and hard (no pun intended) enough, any product being sold out there promising to make men’s sexual lives a lot more convenient to deal with would have eliminated the problem of small penises in every guy out there.

c) There are some techniques which can be performed by the man himself, such as exercises and the use of devices. Combining them with pills can further improve a man’s chances of getting a much bigger penis, and even enhancing their stamina in the bed. These devices can help stretch the corpora cavernosa, a system of chambers that is filled with blood, leading the penis to become harder, thus leading to an erection. What’s even great about it is that it’s a permanent change, which means that men won’t have to worry about their penises shrinking on them.

These are some points that one should bear in mind when it comes to male enhancement products. They do work indeed, but one would have to consider combining all sorts of techniques and solutions to see any real benefits.